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We’re in this for life... we’re about long term relationships, not just a fleeting one-off session.

Whether it’s Personal training, Group classes, osteopathy, nutrition or post injury rehab, an ONDEMAND or Livestream session our ethos is to build a relationship of support, guidance and community. We don’t just get you stronger and fitter (physically and mentally), we strive towards helping you live a healthier lifestyle – be it better diet and nutrition choices, advice on how best to ramp up your step count outside the studio or coaxing your teenagers off their screens with our Youth classes. Think of us not just fitness trainers, but as lifestyle champions.


If you’re new to Personal Training, grab our offer of 2 sessions for £80 (that’s massive 50% off).

If you’re a regular with us we’re adding classes with all Personal Training packs, that way you’ll squeeze even more into your time at the Zone!

5 pack: 2 classes. 10 pack: 4 classes. 20 pack: 6 classes.


Our group training sessions are not your traditional class where you’ll be just a number, we like to think of them more as small group training. Why?

We keep numbers small:

  • Power Plate (max 4)
  • TRX (max 7)
  • Boxing (max 7)
  • Movement & Mobility (max 7)
  • We give individual personalised coaching.
  • We’re not fad driven, we know what works and what doesn’t.
  • We work to mend you, not break you!

Memberships from £6.25 per class (ZONE28) – try us for a month no tie in.



We’re updating and creating an all-singing all-dancing POWER PLATE HYBRID ZONE that will include the latest Power Plate MOVE models.

As well as the traditional 25 min sessions we’ll be offering a hybrid 45 min class that combines TRX and more… imagine TRX rows whilst standing on the plate or suspended atomic push ups and mountain climbers. Now that’s a killer core and upper body workout. Think functional 360 degree movement and a moveable plate which allows integration into EVERY session across the studio.

Additionally, we’ll also be tracking your heart rate with the latest MYZONE technology, so you get real time feedback on how hard you’re working with those vibrations (believe us it's much harder than you think).


Want to go it alone (with or without our guidance)?

We fully understand that the way you like to train has changed, to ensure we're keeping our members motivated (and happy) we'll be offering access to OPEN ZONE, all you need to do is book your pod and choose how you'd like to train.

Get access our library of 40+ strength tutorials and our collection of free weights and barbells or perhaps you're keen to get out of the house for a quick 30 minute HIT, mobility, or yoga session, grab your kit and tune into ONDEMAND Zone for one of our pre-recorded sessions.

Maybe it's a planned balanced session you're after but can’t be bothered to think? We’ve got that sorted too, our OPEN ZONE Workout of the Day (WOD) will be waiting for you. All you need to do is grab your kit and you’re off.

We’re constantly adding more content to our ON DEMAND ZONE library and have NEW workouts coming soon.

NEW B12 clinic

If you're suffering with flagging energy levels, low mood, foggy brain and lack of concentration, broken sleep, low immunity and weight gain regular B12 injections could work wonders! Weekly clinic coming very soon.


Women's Wellness Event // 29th October 7pm-9pm

Menopause and beyond.... let's get prepared

Access to panel of Menopause Experts (GP, Women's Physio, Nutritionist, Gynaecologist, Exercise)Get educated and prepared - what to expect and how to cope

September is such a great time to build new habits. Let’s not waste a minute! If you need any help working out a bespoke fitness programme that fits seamlessly into your schedule, just ask, we’ve got loads of tips, tricks and ideas to hand.