Meet the Team

Claire Finlay
Joe Taylor
Adam Humphries
Joe Sweeney
Emma Mizzi
Barry K Jung
Rob Scholten
Annabel Spurrier
Darren Brown
Oliver Williams
Jude Hosie
Alfonso Iovine
Ollie Frost

Transition Zone is devoted to the very highest level of fitness training. Our instructors are a dynamic mix of highly talented professionals who either come from a sports background or have significant industry experience. They’ve been hand-picked for their:

  • EXPERIENCE – All trainers are fully qualified with no less than five years’ teaching experience.
  • SPECIALISM – All are specialists in their given field.
  • PERSONALITIES – Our team is client focused, engaging and inspirational.

Our team also boasts an on-site nutritionist, Osteopath plus massage and injury/rehabilitation specialists.

Join our Transition Zone Team

For three weeks, on Monday, I’ve been doing my boxing with the vivacious Vesna. Vesna has been simply amazing for me; she makes me feel empowered, encouraged and heard. She has inspired me to continue trying my best and given me easy to achieve instructions. Even though I often fall behind and can tend to give up fairly early, she doesn’t make me feel bad for it and instead gives me a boost of confidence to continue. Transition Zone has truly transformed my schema and my willingness to push myself past my comfort zone. Since boxing with Vesna, I’ve begun walking frequently during my breaks at school (first 2856, then 3674 and yesterday I walked 4541 steps), and I’ve been able to persuade my psychology teacher Peter to join me when he complained of leg pains from playing football! On top of that, I’ve changed my eating habits based on Vesna’s recommendation; I have stopped having sugar with my Weetabix and instead use blueberries, I’ve been eating Strawberries, and I’ve even had a healthy stir fry for the first time ever.

Vesna has truly inspired me to make meaningful changes to my life; she makes me want to push my boundaries (though often taking tiny breaks in order not to have jelly legs) and makes me want to achieve things I’ve never believed I could achieve.

Vesna makes boxing and the exercises she gives me fun to do; it’s almost like a game. I really, really appreciate it.
– Annie Styles, Director of Education, Lionheart school