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Our doors are wide open, the sun has come out and there's a buzz of summer in the capital... life is looking good.

It's been great to see so many of you back in studio, test running Open Zone, back to lifting weights and getting that sense of community back in the ZONE.

We're gearing up for a summer of fun with plenty of flexi- options to keep you all motivated, fit and feeling good!



Open Zone (W.O.D.) //

All you need to do is choose your W.O.D. (choice of 4 themes) take responsibility for YOUR workout and BE READY to train hard. A studio supervisor will be available to make sure everyone trains safely.

|2 x W.O.D sessions £25


Personal Training //

If you need a post lockdown kick-start why not try something more personalised - the perfect incentive to get you back in the TRAINING ZONE!

PROMO Personal Training
50% off
2 x 45 min sessions £80


Outdoor Circuit //
Front of Studio

We're bringing the studio outside... literally outside the door. We have secured the perfect spot all weekend and best of all it's quiet and there's NO traffic so space is plentiful to wheel-out lots of kit!

We plan to add more sessions as the weather improves.

Saturday 10.15am


Livestream & ON Demand Zone //

We're still running a few Livestream classes on the timetable, you can also access ON DEMAND with over 20 pre-recorded workouts and tutorials: Mobility, HIT, Strength, Box Conditioning, Abs, Low Impact Cardio, Yoga and Pilates... and more!

New W.O.D. / 100

12.30-2pm (45 min slots)

10 reps
10 rounds
10 Cals
5 exercises... ON REPEAT!

It's high reps, it's high energy and it's approx 35 mins.

YOU choose the weights. YOU choose the time and YOU get the results!

The FORMAT is simple to follow, repetitious but guaranteed you’ll feel great afterwards, you may even get to workout with one of the team if they’re around.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE Workshops // £120 (4 sessions)

The great outdoors has never been more appealing with golf and tennis increasing in popularity. But are you really getting the most from your game?

GOLF: Thursday 22nd May @ 6.30pm-7.45pm

Getting strong for golf is no different to any other sport. Moving better and getting stronger will not only help you improve your performance but you'll be able to play for longer and help prevent injuries.

We'll coach in the basic movements to help improve your game. Squat, hinge, vertical & horizontal push vertical & horizontal pull, lunge & carry.

Our aim is to provide you with a "toolbox" to help you get the most from your game.

Mobility for fluid movements.
Glute strength to increase driving range.
Trunk control to allow effective transfer of energy.

We will run the workshop over a series of four sessions.


Like the golf series, our aim is to provide you with an invaluable toolbox to help you get the most from your game.

  • Mobility to allow the body to move effectively across court.
  • Lower limb strength to protect against injury and for greater power in shots.
  • Rotational force for power through the ball.
  • Effective shoulder care to prevent injuries on the racket arm.


What's next... // 17th May onwards


17th May // All systems go, group classes return – look out for our 21 day challenge launching soon.


21st June // IN STUDIO, all restrictions lifted 

We have plenty to look forward to.... let's get stuck in and catch up on all that lost time!