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Being a member at Transition Zone goes way beyond working out. It opens the doors to supper clubs, educational workshops and events with big name fitness collaborations. See we don’t just change bodies, we change lives by creating a sense of community.

Transition Zone bridges the gap between one-on-one training and the all-too-often faceless anonymity of corporate gyms and large group classes. Being part of our ‘club’ gives you the flexibility to try different training disciplines and get coached and mentored by our highly experienced instructors, at a price you can afford. Think of it as group personal training without the cost. 

Our classes may be deliberately small but our membership options are surprisingly generous, with exclusive discounts on a range of additional services, including personal training, nutrition consultations, post natal programmes and Recovery Cafe products. 

Check out our studio and take a 3D tour inside, you'll love the space (3,000 square foot), with light, lofty urban feel and full of quirky character.

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