YOU Train. WE Programme.  

What’s your goal?

"I like to train mid afternoons and very early mornings, OPEN ZONE works really well, I know the studio, the team, the equipment so the flexibility is perfect"

Want to go it alone (with or without our W.O.D)?

We fully understand that the way (and time) you like to train has changed, so for our members we're bringing back NON coached access to the studio via OPEN ZONE, all you need to do is book your slot and choose how you'd like to train.

Maybe it's a planned balanced session you're after but can’t be bothered to think? We’ve got that sorted our OPEN ZONE Workout of the Day (W.O.D) will be waiting for you. All you need to do is grab your kit and you’re off. 

We'll be test running a variety of access times (mid morning, afternoons and Saturdays), if you have any suggestions please let us know.



OPEN Zone - drop in 

OPEN Zone - 5 pack

OPEN Zone - 10 pack