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ONDEMAND Zone from Transition Zone allows you to workout in the comfort of your home.

Not only does it mean access to your favourite in studio teacher(s), you get to choose from a wide range of workouts:- Yoga, Mobility, Abs, Lower Body, Upper body, HIT and BoxCon classes (including insightful tutorials to improve technique and form), with FOUR new sessions dropping every month. Win. Win.

We’ve kept our ONDEMAND Zone workouts deliberately short - 15-30 minutes - so you can squeeze them in around your day, but as always, we’ve designed them to give maximum bang for your buck.

Short on time doesn’t have to mean short on results. ONDEMAND Zone is convenient, practical and available for all ability levels.

Enjoy unlimited access to all workouts for £20pm.

Once you have subscribed you can access all workouts via the 'Purchase and Workout' button.


July 2020 Series 2

Series 2 launches on 17 July 2020 with FIVE workouts: Back2Basic HIT, Boxing Conditioning, Shoulder Mobility, Advanced Core, Boxing Technique.

Feel free to add your own music.

30 minute
Back2Basics HIT
with Adam Humphries

This is a simple "no frills" full body workout that will get your heart pumping, unlike many other HIT workouts, it’s 'not' continual plyometrics, it’s a good mix of compound exercises (multiple muscle groups working at the same time) and high energy movements. You’ll be offered progressions for more challenge or the option to stick at a steady tempo.

Good for: Overall fitness and stamina, full body including core
Equipment: None
Sweat factor: 4/5

30 minute
Boxing Conditioning
with Vesna Kochoska

This is a high intensity, fat-shredding workout that blends boxing drills and metabolic conditioning. Expect to be put through your paces, one minute you’ll be shadow boxing, the next surfer squats and burpees, this is the perfect workout to test your fitness and focus.

Good for: Stamina, co-ordination, overall fitness
Equipment: Pair of light dumbbells (optional)
Sweat factor: 5/5

15 minute
Advanced Core
with Claire Finlay

If you’re looking to pimp up your abs workout this is for you! This advanced core session is short but packs a might punch... you’ll feel the burn but definitely reap the benefits.

If you're new to exercise try our Series 1 15min body weight abs first.

Good for: Abs, upper body
Equipment: Pair of light Dumbbells (optional)
Sweat factor: 2/5

15 minute
Shoulder Mobility
with Kate Taylor

Our shoulders play a very important role in just about every single upper body movement, moving in multiple planes of motion they perform multiple functions so any sort of limitation can be problematic. This session aims to build strength and encourage good movement quality.

Use this sessions as a stand alone or as a pre workout warm up and movement prep.

Good for: Upper body mobility and posture
Equipment: None
Sweat factor: 1/5

7 minute
Boxing Technique
with Vesna Kochoska

Led by former England Amateur Boxer Vesna, this short tutorial will be invaluable for novices but also a great refresher for those a little more experienced. Vesna will coach in the basics including stance, footwork and the four basic punches jab, cross, hook and upper cuts.

If you're new to boxing we advise you watch this a few times.

Good for: boxing basics, footwork, co-ordination,
Equipment: None
Sweat factor: 2/5


June 2020 Series 1

Series 1 launches on 19 June 2020 with FIVE workouts: Yoga Flow, Hip Mobility, Abs, Lower Body & Abs and Dynamic Core.

Feel free to add your own music.

30 minute
Lower Body & Abs
with Adam Humphries

If you’re looking to target - and strengthen - your lower body, this 30 min session will hit every muscle in your lower half hard. By using key lower body compound exercises (squats, lunges, RDLs) you’ll work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The result? A super efficient workout that delivers banging results.

Good for: Legs (quads & hamstrings), butt & core
Equipment: Pair of Dumbbells (optional)
Sweat Factor: 4/5

30 minute
Dynamic Core
with Matt Young

Want to make your core workout more functional? Then this is for you! You’ll work dynamically, incorporating full body movements to encourage stability as you burn through each set. This workout targets your whole body with a big emphasis on abs and explosive movements.

If you’re new to exercise we recommend you try Adam’s 15 minute Abs first.

Good for: Core, strength, full body
Equipment: Dumbbells
Sweat factor: 3/5

30 minute
Yoga Flow
with Kate Taylor

You’ll be taken through a series of full body, dynamic sequences that are simple to follow and include modifications for all ability levels. Kate will enable you to bring a sense of release throughout your whole body and encourage breath work to gain headspace and mental clarity.

Great for: Flexibility, strength and mental clarity
Equipment: yoga mat, cushion (optional)
Sweat factor: 2/5

25 minute
Hip Mobility
with Claire Finlay

Tight hips and poor hip mobility can lead to lower back and knee pain, adding this short mobility session to your weekly routine will help increase range of movement in your hips, strengthen and improve range of motion in your joints and help improve the overall quality of your training.

Try and do this mobility session at least twice a week.

Good for: Tight hips & lower back
Equipment: Towel, belt or tie
Sweat Factor: 2/5

15 minute
with Adam Humphries

This bodyweight abs session targets every part of your core, from lower and upper abs to internal and external obliques... and more!

Use this 15 minute core blast as a standalone session or tag it on to any of our other sessions.

Good for: Core strength
Equipment: None
Sweat factor: 3/5


Please consult your physician if you have any pre existing injuries or health conditions before embarking on these workouts. Participants of these workouts take full responsibility for the risk of injury when performing exercises or utilising suggested equipment.

The creators (TRANSITION ZONE) do NOT accept any liability in relation to these exercise videos.