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If we’ve learnt one thing from the past 18 months it’s that we have to keep adapting. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our incredible range of workouts. Whether you’re gearing up for a UK based staycation or (fingers crossed) escaping overseas, we’ve got a fitness package to suit.

Our range of in-studio and portable online workout solutions mean you can stay strong and feel great wherever you happen to be, all and it's all made even easier with the help of our NEW APP.

And we’re not just talking training, take a look at our updated SHIFTZ programme which offers tailored nutrition guidance and accountability.



We’re thinking about slotting in a few LIVESTREAM workouts again to fit around your holiday plans, tell us what time works best for you and if you're keen?


ONDEMAND Workouts is a super flexible exercise option. Simply select a class depending on how you feel and what your body needs. Choose from 15 minute Mobility sessions, 25 minute full body HIT blasts, 30 minute Barre plus a whole lot more.

If you have access to a gym or have taken your own kit away with you, our ONDEMAND strength tutorial library contains over 40 strength upper and lower body pull/push exercises. If you'd like some help planning a balanced programme we can help with that too.



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ONLINE Personal Training

Whether you're on the beach, chilling in an Airbnd or at home taking it easy in the garden with the family, staying active can still be achieved.

We've all become much better at staying connected and that means staying on top of your training too, no matter where you are, location is no longer an obstacle. Book a 30, 45 or 60 minute session, guaranteed you be set for the day!




We’re trialling an ‘OPEN GYM’ at certain times of the day. Available on all Zone 4, Zone 12 and Zone 28 memberships – nothing extra to pay just use a class credit and book in.

If you have any particular times you’d like added please click here.

Keep a look out for slots on the timetable starting AUGUST.

YOUTH ATHLETICS open to 12-16 year olds. All you need to do is get a group together and we’ll do the rest.



THERAPIES // 20% off
Massage & Osteopathy

Say hello to Ana, our newest member of the therapy team, with a background in figurative sculpture and a passion for sports climbing, to say she has strong hands is an understatement!

Her experience as a sculptor as taught her great awareness of anatomic movement & expression in the body which translate perfectly for massage.

Ana specialises in deep tissue, hot deep tissue with stones and therapeutic massage with assisted stretches which are all perfect to help the body heal and recover.

We’re offering 20% off 45 & 60 min massages.
45 mins £44
60 mins £52

We're also offering 20% off Osteopathy Consultation and follow up treatments with Emma.




A restrictions ease, safety is always a top priority for us:

  • temp checks continue
  • class numbers will remain slightly restricted for a while longer
  • No sharing equipment
  • Rigorous cleaning continues
  • Showers and water fountains are open


Invest in your wellbeing now - and for the future so come September
we are all ready for whatever lies ahead!

We look forward to seeing you in studio and online throughout the summer weeks. If you have any questions or feedback on our virtual offering, please shout. We’re here to help.