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As we head towards a wonderful four-day Easter bank holiday, spring is definitely in the air; with this comes longer daylight hours, an opportunity to clear out, to tick things off your to-do list, to get yourself outdoors and to set some goals!

It's a good time for re-prioritisation of ourselves as we emerge into the next bright part of the year. We revel in the moments we can steal to do the things we enjoy the most. 

Perhaps it's also a good time for a check-in post January, no matter how on (or off) track you are, it's very tempting to measure yourself against others, but beware, taking detours into others' lives and lanes usually results in bumps along the way for you. 

Wherever you are now, there's much to look forward to, all you need to do is be open to new things, new experiences and explore every opportunity that comes your way!

Easter Weekend Opening Hours

Transition Zone

  • Good Friday: 9-1pm
  • Saturday: 9-1pm
  • Easter Sunday: closed
  • Bank holiday Monday: 9-1pm  

Resilience Zone

  • Good Friday: 9-1pm
  • Saturday: 9-1pm
  • Easter Sunday: closed
  • Bank holiday Monday: 9-1pm  


Claire's been busy 

When she's not darting between both sites, Claire is continually committed to bringing you the very best talent, collaborations and inspiring experiences.

To keep things fresh and to stay ahead of the wellness curve, Claire's expanding her own knowledge and personal development too - NLP Master Practitioner, ICF Life Coach (in progress) and Oxygen Advantage Master Trainer (in progress; remember, KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR POWER... Watch this space!


What's new?

Our growing team

Meet Oliver Williams

Ollie is a former amateur boxer with nearly a decade’s experience at the East End Repton boxing club. He’s been there and done it. Winning multiple national championships for the club, he is a true expert in his field. Be sure to check out his boxing class - Sunday 9.30am. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out! 

If you’d like to hone your boxing skills, try 2 x 45min PT sessions for £99


Ollie Frost - Holistic therapy, Massage and movement.

Since retiring from professional Rugby, Ollie has trained in many holistic modalities and is a massive advocate of holistic health through nervous system regulation encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health. A highly experienced therapist, Ollie specialises in chronic pain management, muscular imbalances, posture, and movement health. He combines manual therapies, assisted stretches and a wide array of techniques to alleviate restrictions in the body, including breathwork, functional movement, fascial stretch therapy, and soft tissue massage to achieve the best results possible.

We're also adding more new faces to the team at to Resilience Zone...

More classes at Resilience Zone 

Sunday 6.30pm - BREATH & RESTORE with Nellie

This is the perfect weekend wind-down. Nellie will guide you through a down-regulating breathwork practice and finish off with yoga nidra (wakeful sleep).... sheer bliss! Starts Sunday 16th April

Saturday BREATHE with Abbi - 75 mins

OFFLOAD with Abbi, this slightly longer BREATHE session will provide a combination of healing, stress and anxiety relief, positive manifestation and a whole lot more, come to your mat ready to let go, dig deep and grow. Starts Saturday 15th April.

Wednesday 8amFriday 12.30pm SLOW/MO - Claire 

Claire blends her knowledge of movement with, guided breathwork; the result is an energetic, playful flow.... you'll deep dive and peel back the layers... prepare to let go and build physical and mental strength.

We will be streaming our BREATHE and SOUND sessions after Easter.

More events...

From seven days in Spain to half-day retreats in the UK, urban retreats, corporate events and employee-wellness days, we've got lots in the pipeline and all with really exciting wellness experts - watch this space!


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.