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Hello TZ Family,

Firstly we’d like to thank you for all your support during this difficult time and with yesterday’s lockdown extension we are determined to stay upbeat. If we ALL work together we can get through this and, with the help of our online timetable it will sail by.

As well as daily Zoom classes and smaller bite-sized IGLive taster sessions, we’re now offering online family/household workouts to bring you the closest thing you’re going to get right now to an in-studio experience.

What does this all mean? Lots! Daily access to workouts beamed straight into your home and times that fit around on-line schooling and work commitments. All you have to choose is the time, the day and off you go!


Daily online group classes





Body Weight CON // 35min

You'll be getting creative with your own body weight, adding instability, challenging your range, playing with tempo... fast explosive movements, isometric holds and mixing up the reps... all with the aim to help you feel that burn!

Dynamic Pilates CON // 45min

Think of this as Pilates with a little spice! Expect Pilates movements with circuit training principles, the focus will be on isometric holds to allow for total muscle fatigue. It's low impact, Core, Cardiovascular & Conditioning, but HIGH energy!

Yoga & Mobility // 45min

These classes offer a good mix of joint mobility, functional movement, deep stretch and yoga. Expect a variety of strengthen isometric exercises, dynamic stretches and yoga sequences. As well as helping to unravel any tightness in your body, this class will also offer a sense of mental calm.

Youth Squad // 35min

Aimed specifically at 12-16 yr olds, these are FULL BODY circuit style workouts. We'll get creative with own body weight exercises, playing with tempo & mixing up reps, all with the aim to keep it fun, educational and engaging. We'll also be adding in some shadow boxing so there's no time to get bored!

How does it work?

  • Book your class in the usual way.
  • To purchase you have the options of a drop in £9, 5 pack £40, 10 pack £75
  • Download ZOOM - 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' from your app store or via https://zoom.us/download for iphone/ipad (or) https://zoom.us for desktops
  • Have a mat or a comfortable area available.
  • A class link will be sent to you c.30mins before the class starts.



Household/Family Training


If you're keen for something more bespoke for you, your family or your household here's a few suggestions, prices start from £65 per session:


Personal Training

Here’s how it works-

  • A call to discuss your goals and assess what (if any) equipment is required.
  • We devise a bespoke training plan.
  • Before each session a programme plan will be emailed.
  • Choice of 45/60 min session.
  • Feedback on session (video link of session as required). 

Packs get FREE Zoom CLASS credits.
Sessions can be deliveredvia Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.


Family/Household Training

Here’s how it works-

  • A call to discuss your goals and assess what (if any) equipment is required
  • YOU choose the time.
  • YOU choose how many attend in your household.
  • YOU get a bespoke training plan.
  • Quality "fun" time together.
  • WE can keep the children entertained for an hour.

Packs get one free class credit per person.
Sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Instagram Live

We will be online almost every day with a short FREE 10/15 minute taster session, log on to our Instagram page to join.





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As always, we are doing our very best to stay in touch.
We're on the home run now, the hard bit is done and we hope to see you all VERY soon!.