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2021... our best bits


We usually get a bit reflective around this time of year, we look back and celebrate the wins but also remember things that did not go so well....but we don't dwell too much, instead we move on, learn and ensure we do things better next time... after all, what would life be without the odd curve ball!

2021 saw us learn to live with the ever- present COVID on/off restrictions, and there's no doubt we've grown stronger and closer as a fitness community.
In honesty, there’s nothing quite like a pandemic to make you realise how important it is to stay connected.

We launched our own branded APP, had three new members join our team, collaborated with some great local names LETO and Cuban boxing coach (more to come in 2022) and some global names too; Power Plate and MyZone. We launched our B12 Vitamin injection clinic (which is the best kind of jab to get at the moment), and continued to see more and more new faces walk through the door... all things considered not a bad year at all!

So what will we take away from it?
Resilience... as a business we've had to continue to think on our feet, adapt and keep pushing forwards.

We're excited for 2022 - keep a look out for MYZONE Challenges in Jan & Feb, more classes added to the timetable (women only), more boxing events and lots more collaborations in the pipeline.

2021... let's finish strong

NYE Circuit // 31st December

We're celebrating the arrival of 2022 a little bit earlier this year so why not come and join us, we'll be using every piece of kit in the studio so get ready to pull, push, squat, lunge and jump into 2022 with a bang!

OPEN HOURS - reduced timetable
New Year's Day -CLOSED
2nd Jan - open
3rd Jan - bank holiday hours
4th Jan - back to normal hours

Personal Training by appointment.


2022...stay connected from home

We can't wait to see you all back in studio in the New Year, but we also fully understand that many of you are now back working from home and like the convenience (and variety) that On line training offers.

We'll be bringing back LIVESTREAM at home workouts to our class timetable in January. Look out for Power Pilates, Mobility, Bodyweight HIT and more.


Let's swiftly wave bye bye to 2021 and welcome in 2022, we start with few expectations but a whole lot of hope for a better 2022!

We look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready for the next phase of your fitness journey very soon.