Power Plate

25 min session = 90 min traditional workout

Power Plate is so much more than a vibrating platform. Widely used by professional athletes - from international rugby stars to Olympic swimmers - it adds a new, and infinitely more challenging, dimension to your workout. By stimulating your muscles to contract multiple times per second, Power Plate delivers a total fitness solution in half the usual time. Our sessions will work you to the max by integrating a variety of training methods, including skipping, free weights and kettlebellsHIT drills and battle ropes. This is a scientifically proven, powerhouse of a workout so expect to see significant improvements in strength, flexibility, muscle tone and inch loss. It's not just for the women either, men love its intensity and the results it gives. Expect to increase your aerobic capacity and fitness levels, decrease blood pressure and send your calorie burn (during and after the class) through the roof. Sessions are just 25 minutes but every single second counts.




If you’d like to workout from home or whilst on holiday, you can download our ONDEMAND Zone pre recorded workouts.


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