Three specially curated boxing experiences, one full size boxing ring and a specialist boxing team set to take you from fitness to fight ready.

BOXZONE is a high intensity, fat-shredding regime that blends strength training, metabolic conditioning and mental agility. We’re not talking boxercise and flashing lights.

We’re talking pro-quality boxing with a team of ABA qualified coaches. We’re talking 50-minute classes that discipline body and mind. We’re talking exhilarating sessions that pack a deadly punch.

Learn how to jab, cross and power punch your way to explosive upper body muscle definition, not to mention increased stamina, speed and rhythm. Add in stress relief and mental focus to see how boxing transcends merely hitting a bag.





The classes:

  • BOXCIRCUIT: Four stations, one hell of a circuit mashup. From power punches on the bag to pad skills and foot work drills in the ring, you’ll cover the lot, as well as integrating TRX, slam balls and our fully loaded Prowler. 
  • BOXCON: Two different conditioning experiences united by a single aim: to pack unprecedented power into your punches. The first focuses on transferable carry over drills - think med ball wall slams and Grappler Press - the second enables you to bring what you’ve learnt to life in the ring.
  • SPARRING: Box technique, open sparring and conditioning.


If you’d like to workout from home or whilst on holiday, you can download our ONDEMAND Zone pre recorded workouts.


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