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Following government guidance:

29th March – Outdoor Classes 
12th April – Open for Personal Training and Open Zone (W.O.D unguided)
17th May – In-studio classes return 
21st June – All restrictions are lifted.

Click here to read our full COVID policy.


Faster, happier, leaner, stronger, injury - free — whatever the fitness ambition, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients reach their goals. We strive for results for each and every person who walks through our door. We inspire and empower. We dissect and analyse. We innovate and pioneer. Because, with the right combination of expertise and determination, the outcome can be ground-breaking.

At Transition Zone we bridge the gap between one-on-one personal training and the faceless anonymity of corporate gyms. Joining us gives you the flexibility to integrate a wealth of disciplines - Personal TrainingSmall Group Training, ONDEMAND Zone pre recorded workouts, under 18’s Youth Squad classes, Nutrition and a list of Therapies  - all under the watchful eye of highly experienced trainers.

What we offer goes way beyond working out. The Transition Zone experience opens the doors to educational workshops, retreats and fitness events with big name influencers. See, we don’t just change bodies; by building a community of like-minded people, we change lives too.

To get a taste of who we are and what makes us different request a call back.

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